Gold Tarot Gold Tarot The separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.
- Albert Einstein -

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Psychic reading

Ever since I was a child, astrology has captured my whole attention and profoundly changed my existence. My father was a reputable astrologer and my surroundings were always filled with books, tarot cards and other symbols related to this fascinating science. I was entirely cached by this extraordinary journey of reading and deciphering the hidden meanings of the tarot cards. Therefore, I decided to go on with learning. The passion for astrology in general and tarot reading in particular helped me discover my true divine nature. Due to the strong connection with this field I can feel vibrations inaccessible to the most of us.

Find your internal peace

In gratitude for this amazing energy, I made the promise to dedicate my entire existence to helping others. That is way, at the beginning of my career as a fortune teller, I found myself in the commercial Tarot world, being present in psychic TV where I did online psychic reading, presenting myself as an online psychic. However, I escaped the world of lies and deception and started to regain the peace I always had.

Now I offer can offer to all my loving followers one free psychic reading online. It is free, because I want to help others, rather than enrich myself. My specialization is the Love Tarot, as love is the most demanded emotion and consequently the most common concern in Tarot reading. Humans can lie but the Tarot cards could never.

I use different decks. The Lotus Tarot is quite popular and I like to use it, but it depends on the wish of my client. I have always been a highly practiced in spiritualism and want to offer psychic reading online, to make it accessible to the wider public.

I can offer you an online psychic reading for free by email so you can experience yourself the truth of my words. I was blessed with this wonderful powers and therefore the only thing I want is to share this with the world. If you will allow me to enter in your life, I will ensure you will be ahead of your destiny and make the right decisions at any time. I am not an ordinary fortune teller, but one that truly emphasizes ethical behavior. I always rank the preferences of my clients first but stay true and disclose to them the right revealing showed in the cards.

The meaning of Tarot

Tarot is an old art and can be traced back to the Middle Ages and the ancient Egypt. Over time many philosophers have tried to give a name to this far-reaching science but could not capture the diversity of meanings incorporated in the tarot cards. Finally, when they reached a consensus the most suitable name turned out to be ¨the mind´s eye¨.

People have always feared the uncertainties that govern our lives. That is why, Egyptians have been studying the stars for many centuries and eventually discovered a link that connects our existence and the creation of the Universe. By means of the ¨mind eye´s¨ nations were guided in the exhausting process of decision making and decision taking. The tarot cards became best counselors and some nations that followed the answers given by the fortune tellers prevailed upon others.

The mind´s eye

The Tarot cards reveal the truth

It has always been a game to predict the future and prevent negative events from happening. Our inherent fear of unknown stifles our power to think clearly and take rapid decisions. Here it comes the wonderful helping hand of psychic reading. Often it serves as a mirror of our unconscious mind and is telling us what we already know deep within our soul. The cards have been used to provide answers for questions with impactful consequences. People´s lives and imperium´s destinies have been shaped through the meanings hidden in the tarot cards.

Vibrations and the power of faith

Most of my clients want quick answers, which I will give them, but there is a bit of work needed from their side as well. I cannot do a realization of the truth for you. I will make use of your vibrations to charge myself of energy and make a complete reading. However, you have to be open to the truth of the Tarot and honest to yourself. Your faith in the meanings of the cards is a prerequisite. The Tarot is never lying and it could very well be that you won’t like the meaning of a card reading. Tarot is not only spiritualism and magic; it is also psychology. It will not offer you easy solutions and will not save you from future events if you do not work on yourself, your attitude, your actions or your emotions. The Tarot reading can only help you so far as you are ready to be helped. The Tarot can only give you a glance at the possible future if you continue walking on the same path you are walking on now. If you take the advice from the Tarot and change the path, the future will also change. Usually for the better, if you have used the advice carefully. Please see Tarot as a chance, not a magic solution! It would make me happy to help you with any question or trouble you may have. I will use my psychic powers and the magic powers of the Tarot, to help you in the best way possible.

Back to the roots of the Tarot cards

Tarot cards already existed in Ancient Egypt and have always been used for spiritual purposes, especially by gypsies and fortune tellers. It was even prohibited in the Middle Age, because of the fear of witch craft, and the powerful people of that time knew of the high power and danger of the Tarot cards. The average people that know nothing of actions, their consequences and the future, are easier to control. Tarot makes people more conscious of their actions and helps them to develop, something which wasn´t the desire of powerful people during the Middle Age.

Nowadays there are many different Tarot cards, depending on the country, culture and history. For us English speaking countries, the Lotus Tarot and the Rider-Waite Tarot are quite popular. The Tarot cards may vary in their images, style or number of cards, but the meaning stays the same. The Tarot cards can tell you things about you that you are or are not aware of. Moreover, as well-known the basic human reaction when a certain kind of danger draws near is to either fight, flight or in the most horrible scenario, to freeze. These three basic reactions hinder people to judge properly and make the right decisions. Through the magic of the Tarot cards and the medium the universe can communicate with you. The universe has the chance to tell you whether you are on the right path or warn you about possible dangers. Usually your head is so full of thoughts and noise that you cannot understand the language of your surrounding energy. But through the Tarot cards, you are able to listen. The Tarot cards do not have to have a special power; they do not have to be inaugurated. The magic comes from the medium and yourself. Through us the energy can flow and the Tarot cards are just the means to an end. The medium has to be spiritually developed to understand what the Tarot cards want to tell you and needs as much information as possible from the client. While the medium has to understand the meaning of what the Tarot cards have to say, the client has to accept the meaning and apply the advice to his life. This is where his work begins. Besides that, a high degree of faith is required form the client. He or she needs to believe in and take serious the answers that were revealed during the psychic reading session. Not considering the warnings, can and will have an impact on the realization of the readings.

Love Tarot

In the Tarot reading, love is the most popular topic. No wonder, love is so important, beautiful and rare. Finding a long lasting and fulfilling love is tough and not meant for everyone.

Love is the reason

What I realized during my years of working as a psychic and card reader was that real love is drawn to stable, happy and spiritually developed people. The higher you developed yourself mentally and psychologically, the higher the chance of finding a love so pure and fulfilling that you ask yourself how you lived before. I do not mean people with powers when I say spiritually developed. I mean that you should be satisfied with yourself as a person, and secure within yourself, without the need for external help or admiration. The meaning of life is development towards pure happiness. The closer we are to true happiness, or enlightenment, the better things we attract. People are drawn to spiritually developed people, they have a special charisma and they are surrounded by positive energy. It seems as if one positive event followed another lucky happening in their life. We always have to make sure to be on the bright side of life and stay there. The Love Tarot is there for you to understand where you stand in life and what you need to do, in order to get the love, you want. We think that love is difficult and unstable, but the truth is that love by itself is pure and the easiest thing in the world. We make love difficult. The closer we are to purity, the purer the love that we receive becomes.

Understanding the world through love

Reaching the emotional well-being is the purpose in one´s life. The triggers we receive every single day in our lives inhibits our ability to understand the real meaning of this unique feeling that comes packed into so many different colors. Love is enhancing our lives and strengths our resistance to negative happenings. It makes everything negative supportable and connects heart with heart. Through the card reading, the fortune teller might activate one´s intuitive intelligence and enable that person to see coded meanings of love closer than that person would expect. Love is a state of harmony and internal peace. Without love, life is empty and purposeless. Now, do you understand the importance of the Love Tarot? It will not solve any of your problems, but it will help you to solve the problems yourself. Love Tarot is a tender guide towards discovering the other half of someone.


The Love Tarot is powerful and will give you an insight into your love life, not only with a partner, but also with your loved ones.

Free Tarot by email – Lotus Tarot

As I already said before, I really want to dedicate my cause to helping others. I get energized when I receive the appreciation from those I have helped in the past to find their way or surpass a difficulty in their life. My scope is to help as many people as I can and in order to do this, I offer a psychic reading by email completely for free.

Lotus - purity of body and spirit

How does this free Tarot service work? Think of a question that is currently occupying your mind and pick your 3 Lotus Tarot cards. These Lotus Tarot cards will tell me:

As a consequence, you can fill in the form and give me more details to your person. With your information and the Lotus Tarot cards, I can give you a personal and free Tarot reading, which I will send to you by email. In your email you will receive the answer to your question. If you have any doubts or questions, or request more information to your free Tarot reading, you can always call me. Depending on your country of residence, you should call the corresponding number.